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Welcome! Thank you in advance for being the best customers!

Welcome! Thank you in advance for being the best customers!

USPALMS is your top source for tropical cold hardy palm trees. We sell more species of plants for any job . Florida palms that are field grown fit for the outdoor pool or beach.

We sell retail and also discount our trees for our wholesale customers who buy by the truckload. USPALMS has more types of palm trees that include Windmill, Royal, Canary, Coconut, Date, Majesty Palm, and more.

USPALMS not only specializes in Cold Hardy Palms but is a major supplier of specimen quality Windmills, Pindos, Needles, European and Sagos. Please email HELP@USPALMS.COM for a personal quote as prices and availability change throughout the season.

CONTRACTORS and LANDSCAPERS: Please email me a copy of your spec sheet with the size and quantity of all of the Palms and other materials needed for each job. I will give you a quote for the total either to be picked up or delivered to the job site. Quantities of 50-1000 trees will be quoted as a package deal instead of per unit.

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